Midsid is the largest wholesaler of tobacco and convenience products in Portugal.

Our customers are independent sales outlets and key clients such as:

  • Horeca (Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, among others);
  • Tobacconists;
  • Gas stations;
  • Cash & Carries.

Midsid purchases, stores, prepares and distributes more than 1,700 references of convenience products and 600 references of Tobacco guaranteeing a delivery time between 6 to 48 hours in Pre-sales and Telesales and deliveries according to schedule established through the Commercial Fleet.

Midsid positions itself as the best partner for the strategic marketing of its suppliers, always aiming at customer satisfaction. It has distribution and exclusive representation in Portuguese territory of brands like Miguelañez, Frit Ravich, Café Febica, Gama Cais; Silver Cig among others.

Its main strengths include the ability to implement launches with rapid distribution throughout the territory, support to customers in strategic consulting for retail.



As a full-service operator, Midsid provides the widest range of services throughout the logistics chain, from negotiation with suppliers / storage and transport to financial services, project information services, reporting, statistics and reverse logistics, etc. In addition, Midsid has the most advanced systems, infrastructures and a full integration capability with the customer's systems.

  • Operational services;
  • Transport;
  • Administrative and administrative management (procurement, financial);
  • Added value services

Operational Services

  • Storage
    • Storage of products, both in containers and in thermal boxes and bags;
    • Use of sealed plastic boxes to make deliveries.
    • Cardboard boxes and other consumables;
    • Risk insurance for goods;
  • Operations
    • Receipt of goods;
    • Quality control at warehouse entry;
    • Control of incidents at warehouse entry;
    • Location of goods in the warehouse;
    • Grouping (Picking);
    • Packing;
    • Quality control of truckload.
  • Indirect labor
    • Warehouse management
    • Responsible for warehouse operations
    • Administrative operations
    • Listing for replenishment of groupings (Picking)
    • Listings for order preparation
    • Issuance of delivery notes / invoices
  • Returns
    • Receipt of goods
    • Handling and conference service
    • Registration in system
    • Replacement in warehouse
    • Destructio
    • Credits
    • Reimbursement of rejected returns (partial or total) to points of sale
  • Receiving orders
    • Telephone
    • Fax
    • E-mail
    • By means of specific connection with the systems of the client (with the development of systems to the measure)
  • After Sales Service


  • Transport of drag between warehouses and platforms;
  • Use of vehicles with controlled temperature and positive cold;
  • Targeted distribution of products;
  • Collection of returns;
  • Collection of sealed plastic boxes and thermal bags.

Project management and information:

  • General management of the project;
  • Supervision of project coordination, negotiation and development;
  • Directed destruction;
  • Incident management, etc ;
  • Management information for the supervision of the business.



With more than 10,000 customers, Midsid works with many of the leading outlets specializing in Tobacco, Catering and Convenience Stores. Among its clients are important references such as the oil companies Repsol, Cepsa, Prio, Alves Bandeira, Lojas Francas, El Corte Inglés, among many others.

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