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Compañía de Distribución Integral Logista, S.A., sucursal em Portugal
Expansão da Área Industrial do Passil,

Edifício Logista, lote 1-A - Palhavã
2894-002 Alcochete
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The present general conditions of use (henceforth “Conditions of Use”) regulate the access and use of the web domain, the web pages found under the same, and their subdomains and subdirectories (henceforth, collectively the “Website”), which aims at, in general, providing the general public with knowledge of activities carried out and services provided by Compañía de Distribución Integral Logista, S.A., branch office in Portugal (henceforth “LOGISTA PORTUGAL”), a Spanish company with legal representation in Portugal in Expansão da Área Industrial do Passil, Edifício Logista, lote 1-A, em Alcochete, registered with Tax/VAT number 980113350. Its e-mail is and/or and its customer service phone number is (00 351) 219267800.   



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The User acting against LOGISTA PORTUGAL’s image, good name or reputation, as well as using designs, logos or contents of the Website illegally or in a dishonest way and/or breaking in any way the Website´s intellectual property and industrial rights or its contents and services, shall be liable to  LOGISTA PORTUGAL for their acts. For the purposes provided here, “content” means not only texts, pictures, diagrams, images, icons, technology, software, links and any other audiovisual or audio content, but also its graphic design and source code. In particular, the User undertakes to abstain from:

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The license to use any content in this Website granted to the User is merely for downloading such content by the User and its professionaluse, provided that such contents are kept intact.

LOGISTA PORTUGAL declares its respect for the intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties; therefore, if you think this sitecould be violating your rights, please contact LOGISTA PORTUGAL at the following e-mails address and/



Incorrect use of the Website

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Use of contents

LOGISTA PORTUGAL provides all contents in its Website in good faith and shall make its best efforts to ensure that they are constantly updated and valid; however, LOGISTA PORTUGAL cannot assume any responsibility for the use or access carried out by Users beyond the Website´s scope, and the final responsibility lies with the User.

The User may submit any information to through the channels available for that purpose; whenever deemed necessary and with the rights to do so. Unless otherwise indicated, in no case should any confidential or site compromising information be submitted, nor that which is not owned by the submitter. Due to Internet’s open nature, LOGISTA PORTUGAL advises not to submit via any information deemed as confidential. In any case, the information freely sent to may be used by LOGISTA PORTUGAL without prior notification to the author and in the manner deemed appropriate.


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Technical failures

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The applicable law in case of dispute or interpretation conflicts of the terms in the Conditions of Use, as well as any other matter relating to this Website´s services shall be the Portuguese law. For the resolution of any dispute arising in connection with visiting the Website or using any service that may be offered on it, LOGISTA PORTUGAL and the User, even when the User is domiciled outside of Portugal, agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Lisbon, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply.

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