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Quality and Environment

Logista maintains a solid and continuous commitment to quality and respect for the environment as an integral part of the company's strategy, considering how one of the pillars of the company offers more and better services, believing in customer satisfaction as a value in itself same; and all this functioning in a programmed and systematic way for the preservation of natural resources and the environment.

We are committed to developing a sustainable and profitable business with responsible behavior in all our actions, promoting the rational use of natural resources, reducing energy consumption and minimizing, reusing and recycling our waste.

Logista Group has since 1999 certified its Quality and Environmental Management Systems in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 9001 and UNE-EN ISO 14001 standards.

The Quality Management System seeks continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, establishing as internal culture that all professionals orient their work to meet the needs of customers, always ensuring compliance with all legal requirements.

On the other hand, the Environmental Management System is designed to achieve good environmental management business practices in all operations and environmental sensitivity of all employees involved in Logista.


Quality and Environment Policy

Grupo Logista offers its customers a comprehensive, specialized and high quality distribution service.

It is committed to the highest level to develop its activity in a sustainable way and with the greatest respect for the environment in all its activities, applying the most ecological technologies and promoting the maximum environmental responsibility in all its actions as well as among the employees.

The Logista Group's senior management has established in writing the Quality and Environment Policy, which includes:

  1. To maintain updated the Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System (SIGCMA), in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015, UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015.
  2. Continuously improve the effectiveness of SIGCMA and the degree of satisfaction provided to the client through clearly defined and controlled processes as a means of identification, evaluation, risk management and opportunities for improvement, as well as the setting of objectives according to purpose and Logista context.
  3. Comply with the legal requirements arising from the current legislation applicable to the Organization, as well as the voluntary requirements that Logista intends to subscribe to.
  4. Provide essential resources for the implementation and control of SIGCMA as well as for the improvement of its processes, including human resources, expertise, technology and financial resources.
  5. Preserve and develop material and human resources. In order to do so, the professional capacity of the workers in relation to quality and environment will be considered, ensuring that they have the training, information and instructions necessary for an adequate development of their work activity.
  6. Guarantee the sustainable use of resources, increasing the efficiency of their use and favoring the consumption of materials that guarantee greater environmental protection. Likewise, adequate management will be carried out to prevent pollution and minimize the environmental impact generated by the activity, ensuring continuous improvement of environmental performance.
  7. Promote collaboration, participation, training and information within the company and in all its activities, motivating the entire human team, including suppliers, to work in accordance with this Policy and the requirements of SIGCMA.
  8. Periodically verify the degree and effectiveness of the implemented Management System in order to detect weaknesses and be able to take the necessary actions and improvements, as well as to document the progress made.